Main features

  • plasma Vortex 3D FL head ensure the best precision of automatic 3D cutting of plates, tubes and profiles
  • more bridge rigid make possible to cut 1-300 mm thickness plates,
  • modern i-Vision controller installed on moving arm delivers the unique ergonomic and comfortable work,
  • modified drive system ensures clear X axle positioning during dynamic cutting,
  • Power LED lighting and light curtains warrants safe work,
  • perfect scores thanks of greater base of predefined plasma and oxygen cutting parameters,
  • integrated modules inside of the machine make better resistance for adverse influences from cutting process,
  • Onyx has Hypertherm® True Hole™ certificate and Kjellberg® Contour Cut™ technology.


Cutting width : 2000-7000 mm
Basic working length : Any length from 1500 mm
Positioning speed  : 25000 mm/min
Cutting thickness : up to 300 mm
Cutting table height : 740-760 mm