Welding Robots

Arc welding robots increase production and reduce costs using MIG/MAG, TIG, Laser and Plasma welding procedures.

Welding & Plasma Cutting Machines


Appliances for all kinds of welding and plasma cutting. Inverter welding machine and three-phase welding power supplies.

Welding Supplies

Electrodes and wires for all welding processes and all types of fundamental materials.

Welding & Plasma Cutting Gear

MIG/TIG/Plasma/Robo polycabs with expendable parts.

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MPM 500D

Hz: 50
Max power single-phase range (KW): 10
Max power three-phase range (KVA): 20
Welding power (Amps):410/800
Cooling: Oil
Frame: Soundproof
Fuel: Diesel
Engine: Deutz
R.p.m.: 1500
Country of origin:Italy

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Robotic welding power sources

Panasonic provides MIG/MAG/TIG inverter pulse welding power sources for automatic welding with Panasonic welding robots. All power sources are based on the latest generation of Panasonic digital technology. The full digital control enables a fully digital communication between robot controller and power source for high quality welding.

Customer Benefits:

  • High quality welding
  • Full digital control
  • Excellent arc start
  • Low spatter welding

MPM 8/300 I-K

Hz: 50
Max power single-phase range (KW): 7
Max power three-phase range (KVA): 8
Welding power (Amps):300/400
Cooling: Water
Frame: Soundproof
Fuel: Diesel
Engine: Kubota
R.p.m.: 3000

Country of origin:Italy

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Panasonic RJB, RJR and RJC-Series positioners are built to move in harmony with robots and are designed for maximum flexibility to meet the needs of your applications.

Customer benefits:

  • More powerful: Graduated range of models for payloads from 100 kg up to 1.000 kg and more per planetary axis.
  • More precise: Very high positioning accuracy
  • Extension of robot controller for external axes: control up to 6 external axes simultaneous



Panasonic presents the TM Welding Robot Series, this being the all new and unique generation of robots. Customers have the possibility to decide freely whether to use an externally or internally mounted torch cable to match requirements of their applications. Additionally the robot series benefit from a highly rigid arm structure and an improved and efficient servo motor, which provides an enhanced harmonious movement for the positioning of the welding torch. With an all new high resolution encoder working in combination with the highly rigid arm, the TM robots provide improved path accuracy. Through this the TM robot fits optimally the requirements of a flexible and efficient welding process.